Feel Demoralised? Want New Options? Want to live Life to the Fullest?

At Health By The Bay we understand Chronic Health and how confusing, demoralising and exhausting it is to try and figure a path through chronic illness; and the longer a person has been sick the more resigned they tend to become. For most people trying to get clear enough to make decisions is a challenge let alone to find a solution that provides relief and restores your health.

Chronic Health ManagementMany clients come to us with chronic health issues spanning many years. I have found, through years of practice, that to deal optimally with chronic issues it is necessary to identify and address the underlying cause(s) while providing symptomatic relief from the outset of treatment.

We’ve searched and adopted one of the best chronic health management models we believe gives the best results in the fastest time. The model is based on a 12 week time frame that focuses on key areas of concern. During that time we identify the underlying causes, develop an action plan, provide regular monitoring (to ensure you are on track) and a review at the end of the 12 weeks. Please note the 12 week time frame is contingent on the clients ability to undertake any necessary testing within that time frame.

Research and clinical experience has shown a targeted treatment protocol saves both time and money. Chronic health management sessions are designed to be short and focused with work being done by you and myself outside the consultation.

How does our Chronic Health Management program work?

The chronic and health management program is structured into 5 easy steps designed to give you focus and results on your health concern.

  • Goal Setting

    Determine where you are at and set goals

  • Testing

    Set the baseline for your personalised program

  • Report Findings

    The results of the tests and recommendations

  • Support & Monitoring

    Implement the plan and monitor your progress

  • Review

    Review your result and revisit health goals.

Step 1 – Goal setting & Fact Finding

This session is dedicated to understanding your current health issues (where you are) and your health goals (how you’d like to be). Health goals are critical because they help us take our lives back and stop just ‘managing an illness’. Sadly, most people with chronic health issues have given up on the idea of living ‘a normal life’. In our experience, setting achievable health goals is critical and often overlooked step.

In this step we define our goals, we begin the analysis and identify the most appropriate tests for your situation.

Step 2 – Testing

Testing (functional and other) sets the baseline for your personalised program. Well-chosen testing enables me to develop a list of priorities that need addressing, from there I develop a graded plan that you can take and use with any practitioner. Testing eliminates the guess work and enables me to create a personalised targeted health plan.

The testing protocol will vary depending on your health problem and the findings from the initial consultation. That said, testing will involve a combination of in clinic testes and data from other sources including blood/other test results we may request from your GP or functional testing.

Step 3 – Report of Findings

In this session I present you with a report of findings outlining the results and analyses of the tests and associated recommendations. From there we agree on a set of priorities and then decide on an action plan that meets your needs, circumstances, values and budget. You receive a report of findings to keep. I urge you to use the report as the basis of your health and wellness plan/strategies going forward.

Step 4 – Support and Monitoring

As we implement the plan we will both monitor your progress. To ensure nothing goes astray I will schedule short, targeted support sessions to fine tune the program and ensure you are on track to achieving your health goals.

Step 5 – Review

At the end of the 12 week program we will meet for a longer session to review your status and revisit your result health goals.

The point of this model/approach is to get to the bottom of your health problems and to develop options for you to maximise your quality of life.

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