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Ever wondered whether natural therapies, a different diet and or supplements might help you achieve better health? Not sure where to start? You’re not alone. Antonietta has been researching natural therapies for over 30 years and she knows how confusing it all is. Antonietta is committed to helping people find their best paths to healing; in just a few sessions Antonietta will help you identify the healing systems that will work best for you and your lifestyle.

Health Mentoring at Health By The Bay is ‘All About You’ because for Antonietta there is no other way. Antonietta will help you identify your needs, ideas and beliefs as they relate to health. From there you can evaluate which natural health approach is most likely to work for you. This service is also available on-line, as small group or workshop.

Why Us?

Health MentoringHaving recovered from a chronic illness that required Antonietta to leave full time work some 10 years ago, Antonietta is familiar with how confusing, demoralising and exhausting it is to try and figure a path through chronic illness – even for a practitioner. She says it was nearly impossible to get clear enough to make decisions about the best way through her illness FOR HER there were just so many competing demands. And well-meaning loved ones all had an opinion, expressed or implied. She now sees clients wrestle with the same sorts of dilemmas. “It’s ‘funny’, when you have an issue, everyone has an opinion about how you should manage your health; kind of like how people, (sometimes strangers even) think they know how you should manage YOUR kids, relationship, family etc.”

Equally, Antonietta learned, over time, about using other modalities to help facilitate/expedite her recovery. One of her mottos is:

no one system is all things to all people

The art is to make an educated decision about which systems to use and when to combine them. This approach to therapy selection and combinations is especially important because most of us are working with finite time, energy and resources.

Having been there, Antonietta knows what it’s like to deal with:

  • the mountain of conflicting information
  • limited time to research
  • not really knowing what other modalities offer
  • finding an approach that supports YOU rather than settling with something that meets everyone else’s idea of what will work for you (… because it has worked for them, or their neighbour, or their neighbours cat, or their cousin.. you get the idea…).

Lots of modalities make huge claims and, on the face of it, seem to work for different people. But why does a specific modality seem to work for some people and not for others? Again, we all know someone who swears by a given practitioner and they insist it will work for you too. So, after lots of badgering, you go to the practitioner in question, and well… it was OK… or perhaps it was completely unhelpful … or worse still… it might have been a terrible experience. This does not make sense at all. If a modality works for one person it should work for everyone right? This question preoccupied Antonietta for a long time.

After much contemplation, discussion, reading and sleepless nights Antonietta concluded success in a given modality is not about the modality – it’s about the person. And so, when Antonietta is helping you choose the optimal system for you, Antonietta starts with you; her whole decision making process is ALL about you;: what you need, what you can cope with at a given point in time, what makes sense to you etc. If the key elements you need at that time are not present in the modality you are considering, then you are not likely to get the outcomes you want/need. So get clear about your personal needs and then you’ll be able to assess whether or not they’ll be met in a given modality. It’s too much to leave to chance; this is your health and bank balance we are talking about.

So Antonietta has designed health mentoring sessions to help anyone decide what their health goals are and then to determine how to meet them, in a way that suits their current circumstances/needs/beliefs.

Some mottos:

“AT ALL COSTS increase choice, have fun and reduce all unnecessary chemicals & interference.”
“Life is way too cool to waste; just do it, go for it, play full out!”

With so much conflicting information, it can be almost impossible to know which ‘Natural Health Path’ to take, especially when you are recovering from a chronic illness. For example, you know you want to minimise the amount of drugs and interventions but you don’t know which complimentary system will help you achieve that – or even if it is possible. Or you might want to support your immune system while undergoing a specific treatment but the same questions apply. It’s important to make the best choices we can as most of us have finite time, energy and funds, we can’t afford (at any level) ‘to just try’ X or Y system.

Health Mentoring helps you decide which system will best suit your circumstances and needs. The health system you choose needs to be congruent with your view of your health, it needs to be sustainable and fit your life style or commitments. Take control, make better health choices. Learn more about you & choose the best healing option for your situation and needs.

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