Stress is part of everyday life,
So why I am so stressed out?

Modern societies have created more ways of being stressed than any previous generation. Some of the challenges of modern world include balancing: work, finances, family responsibilities, relationship(s), environmental stressors, chemical overload, emotional issues, nutritional challenges, trauma, psycho-spiritual challenges, illness (acute illnesses, episodic and chronic illness) and the list goes on.

Stress ManagementSearch online for stress management and you’ll find millions of pages including treatments. So why do so many claim to feel increasingly stressed? In a 2010 Lifeline survey Australians self-reported being more stressed than ever before. Statistically, Australians are more stressed than Americans! Are you one those people? Why?

As Dr Selye, the scientist who is considered the founder of the concept of stress in modern medicine, said, “Stress as a scientific concept suffers the misfortune of being too widely known and too poorly understood.”

And because people don’t understand stress, most stress management programs focus on delivering relief and ignore the causes of stress

Introducing Living Calm

Living Calm is an innovative stress management approach that revisits stress as a concept and combines it with the latest thinking in the area of health and well-being. The program is designed to bring lasting change with a framework of immediate relief. You learn the tools and strategies to live a calmer life.

Living Calm Stress ManagementCentral to Living Calm is the belief that stress is individual; no two people have the same stress profile. Therefore, it stands to reason the best solution for the stress in your life has to come from you.

Living Calm participants develop a personalised sustainable approach to increasing calm in their lives. This approach is consistent with recent research that show one of the most significant factors for ongoing change in a personal life is self-help (Jeffrey Guterman, Ph.D).

Key features of Living Calm are the program is:

  • Skills based
  • Strategic and practical i.e. small, well selected change leads to big outcomes
  • A combination of relief/strategy and framework for ongoing change
  • Evergreen i.e. the skills learned are skills for life and can be translated to a range of contexts
  • A collaborative approach: Participants are recognised as skilled, resourceful and the expert in their own life.

In Living Calm we say it’s All About You; your choices, your relationship and your lifestyle.

“It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.”

Hans Selye – Father of Stress

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