When Was The Last Time You Felt 100%?
Tired Of Those Niggling Problems?

Personal Health AssessmentMost of us live with some sort of niggling problem which we are only reminded try to do something and our body reacts to it.  You probably don’t even realise that when it occurred or how it happened?  This is the problem you have said to yourself it is OK, I am used to it now, it is not bothering me much and the list of excuses goes on.

Do you know that the majority of chronic health problem start just like this? most of us ignore the signals in our body to fix it but we leave it till it becomes a real problem. Than we spend years trying to find relief from those compounding little problems that we ignored – no more!

Introducing Personal Health Assessment Program

Our Personal Health Assessment Program is here to help you and help you to fix those niggling problem before they become a real problem. Based on the same principle of our Chronic Health Management program but geared to deal with small issues.  Our strategy is to provide relief whilst we fix the underlying problem that is causing the health problem.

The program consist of a 3 step process that zero in on the underlying problem.  The program steps are:

Step 1 – Discovery

This is the initial consultation where is all about your current health issues and the health goals you want to achieve.  In this step we define our goals, we begin the analysis and identify the most appropriate tests for your situation.  We also provide some initial relief to get you going.

Step 2 – Testing

Dad, mum and childTesting sets the baseline for your personalised program and helps us zero in on areas needing urgent attention. Testing eliminates any guessing work and allows me to create a personalised targeted health plan.

The testing protocol will vary depending on your health problem and the findings from the initial consultation. That said, testing will involve a combination of in clinic testes and data from other sources including blood/other test results we may request from your GP or functional testing.

Step 3- Plan of Action

In this step we present the results and recommendations. We understand that any plan needs to be sustainable and achievable so any recommendations will have been taken your lifestyle into account. From there we explore an action plan to meet your needs and agree on a set.


As you implement the plan we can provide a monitor and support plan to ensure your are on track to achieve your health goals.  Depending on your health concern we will schedule short targeted support sessions to review and fine tune the plan to ensure you are on track to achieving the results you want.

At the end of the plan we will meet for a longer session to review your status and revisit your result health goals.

So don’t let those niggling problem continue as they can only lead to more serious and damaging problems down the track.  You now have the option with our Personal Health Assessment to deal with them and live the life you want on your terms.

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