Homeopathy for Pregnancy and Birth a natural and gentle option

Homeopathy Homeopathy & Pregnancyis a natural, gentle, non-toxic and effective system of health care which is well suited to babies, children and adults alike. Due to its gentleness Homeopathy is a proven set of effective resources worth considering during pregnancy, the post natal period and to help manage the stress faced by new parents.

Most women are naturally concerned about taking any medications during pregnancy. Homeopathy is great during pregnancy because it does not require taking harmful substances. Homeopathic remedies are safe in pregnancy and can, therefore, be useful in treating many of the problems that arise at this time. Ideally, pregnancy is a wondrous time to be enjoyed – homeopathy can help you do that.

At Health By The Bay we understand people may be a little anxious, scared or even down right sceptical of homeopathy. At Health By The Bay we only use or recommend proven methods or products that we have tried and tested. A mother of three children, I have relied on homeopathy to support the health of our children from conception to this day.

You get the idea. Homeopathy can be used effectively at every phase of the life cycle. As a practitioner and a mother of three, I learn new aspects about this amazing modality daily. I am continually amazed by its reach, gentleness and power. That said, I understand homeopathy can be an alien concept to those of us raised in the western tradition. The only way to know is to try or call us to discuss your needs, any concerns and thoughts.

Homeopathy is not for everyone. Many people would like to use a natural system but don’t know where to start. I would rather see you use a natural system rather than nothing so I developed a Health Mentoring service. This service helps you choose the best alternative therapy for you. So, if you are unsure as to the best way forward, you are not sure about Homeopathy for pregnancy and birth but still want something that is natural and you want to optimise your health during the pregnancy than call us.

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