“Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.”

  ― Isaac Asimov

At Health By The Bay we are committed at providing quality training to help you or your organisation get the best health results. Therefore we have developed a range of workshops and training programs to suit a range of needs.

Workshops & Training Antonietta is qualified Adult Educator and she has over 25 years experience training people. Antonietta is very comfortable and enjoys leading group work – especially when discussing one of her favourite subjects – how to get well or being your best self.

Health by the Bay offers a number of workshops and training programs available for corporate, small business, child care centres, community organisations and individuals. These courses include:

  • Laughter Yoga A one hour workshop where participants have laugh and get the health benefits of laughter. This is a great stress relief and team bonding exercise.
  • Exploding The Myths of Weight Gain, Weight Loss and Achieving Lasting Health – Explores the myths surrounding weight gain and weight loss.
  • Feed The Brain – for optimal health.  Explores the issues surrounding health and the impact on your brain functions.
  • How Safe is Your Bathroom? A presentation to looks at the chemical toxicity of the home and the impact on your health.
  • Health Coaching for Small Groups. Good for a small group committed to taking their health to the next level. If you have a small group that meets regularly and would like explore the idea of health in a different way, this is the workshop for you.
  • Releasing Emotional Blockages with EFT Learn the basics of EFT and some short sequences that will help you with any number of basic issues. Learn to control anger, stress and anxiety by letting your fingers do the walking.
  • Juicing for Good Health – a workshop that looks at the best ways to juice your vegetables and fruit, how you can maximise their use and how they boost your health.
  • First Aid with Homeopathy. Learn to confidently and effectively treat common problems without resorting to harsh chemicals.
  • First Aid for Kids with Homeopathy. Learn to confidently and effectively treat common problems without resorting to harsh chemicals and waiting rooms. Good workshops for mothers group or play groups.
  • Homeopathy, Stress, Moods and Sleep. This workshop can be done as one unit or just pick one of the key themes. The stress workshop is the foundation to the Living Calm program and this unit can be readily adapted to different groups.

We can also create or customise any of our workshops and training programs to suite your requirements whether it be specific health problem e.g. arthritis or tips for better health.

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