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Health By The Bay is an integrative alternative health practice for people who struggled to achieve their health outcomes and are ready to achieve their health goals.

Why work with us?

We created Health By The Bay because we want people consider that wellness is a viable option and to make the choice of continuous improvement in a sustainable manner.

Our goal is to enable people to take control of their health, to deal with the cause of the problem and build you core health.

How we can help you?

Functional Medicine Functional Testing
At Health By The Bay we take a “whole of person approach” where you are the point of focus; not your symptom. Over the years we have researched, tested and selected an practice model that yield results for our clients.
We are an alternative health practice with a twist, as our approach removes the guess work through the use of well selected testing tools which enables us to target on the underlying causes of your health concern. We use some of the latest functional and DNA testing tools available as they provide us with a more comprehensive view as to the underlying cause.
With the result we then create a personalised plan which targets the problem that is sustainable and with key mile stones to ensure you are on track to achieve your goals. In order to maximise the results we work with other practitioners to ensure you get the best outcome.

Our services

Wellness Through Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Our Wellness Through Weight Loss program focuses on rebalancing your system so in turn can eliminate that unwanted fat from your body.

Living Calm Stress Managament

Stress Management

Our Living Calm stress management program provides you with life long strategies that will enable you live a calmer and more fulfilling life.

Chronic Health Management

Chronic Health Management

Ideal for those people who have suffered long standing health issues, had limited results and need a new option.

Health Mentoring

Health Mentoring

For those people who need guidance or want to explore other options that deal with your health concern but need help.

Personal Health Assessment

Personal Health Assessment

For those people that need help dealing with those niggling problems that are stopping you from enjoying your life to its fullest.

Myths about homeopathy


Homeopathy is a complete, holistic system of treatment for chronic and acute illness which works by stimulating the body’s natural healing system/defences.

Our Customers

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April 19, 2022

When I saw Antonietta she was supportive and really understood what I was going through. She took the time to help me prepare and then weight just came off so easily. I am stoked !!

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