At Health By The Bay we are dedicated to working with you to achieve your health goals

Alternative Health Services SydneyOver the years we found the best way to get result is by creating an individualised approach that deal with the underlying cause of your health problem. We take the time to understand who you are as a person and we consider all the factors that impact on your health, including your lifestyle. When necessary we use functional testing to get to the source of the problem and remove any doubt. We also take the time to review your life style and your values so we can develop a sustainable and effective solution. We then develop a personalised program with you to get you results you want in the shortest time as possible.

Many systems and practitioners treat the disease rather than the cause. While ever symptomatic relief is important and part of our treatment we work to resolve the cause of the problem. We have found this approach gets great results, specially those who have suffered with prolonged chronic problems.

Whilst your health concern may manifest physically we also understand that the underlying cause could be related to an emotional issues or due to past traumas.  Which is one of the key reason we combined Homeopathy, Health Mentoring, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to form the basis of our emotional health program.

At Health By The Bay we want you to achieve your health goals and we understand that some of us need extra help to get us through this difficult period which is why many of our programs we offer optional support options.  These support options vary depending on the program and your needs so please talk to us about it if you feel you need extra help.

The adoption of Functional Medicine combined with our own health framework gives you unique approach that helps you achieve long-lasting results that work in harmony with the body’s own natural healing process.

Helping people live the healthiest lives they can imagine is our primary goal. That is one of the main reasons we developed our Health Mentoring program. Our Health Mentoring program at is a unique service that Health By The Bay offers to helps you to find the best mix of systems and elements to get you the results you want on your terms.

At Health By The Bay you can choose to either combined or focus on any of these services: