Antonietta Natoli

Adv. Dip Homeopathy – Sydney College Homeopathy,
Environmental Medicine, Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs
Masters Policy and Applied Social Research – Macquarie University,
Grad Dip Ad. Ed. UTS,
Cert 4 Mediation,
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner,
Myers Briggs Profiler,
Member Australian Register of Homeopaths (AROH),
Member Australian Homeopathic Association (AHA),
Laughter Yoga Instructor.
Creator of Living Calm

Antonietta Natoli is a natural health practitioner who uses Homeopathy, Health Mentoring, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help you achieve your health goals.  Antonietta has been passionate about natural health all her life and so has spent more than 30 years researching and using a broad range of natural health systems. More than that, she’s uses that knowledge to achieve the best outcomes for everyone she treats.  One of Antonietta’s key drivers is her passion to work with people to help them get BEYOND a given illness or constraint.  Antonietta knows this is possible from her own experience as an auto immune illness survivor.

The human body is highly resilient and able to adapt to even the worst conditions and while that is useful, essential even, Antonietta has observed what is to her a disturbing trend. Many people living with chronic diseases learn to live with (adapt to and then accept) the myriad of discomforts most people would not normally e.g. pain, aches, etc. Therefore, many chronic health sufferers have given up on realising their full potential; many are happy just to just get relief. This approach sells their life short. As Antonietta sees it, there are always options, often more accessible than one might think.

Over the years Antonietta has worked and had her best successes with so called ‘chronic cases’. She has helped many clients unravel the layers that held them back from achieving the life of their choosing. Through this experience Antonietta has developed a health mentoring program which enables clients to deal with the complexities that inevitably come with chronic illness. Antonietta helps clients get clear about themselves, what they want to achieve and then provides them with options on how to achieve those goals.  Furthermore, Antonietta will work with clients existing health providers to help to get the best outcomes possible.

Health mentoring is a fantastic program, however, homeopathy is Antonietta’s first love – in her words:

Homeopathy has made the difference in my life and the lives of my family and clients… I enjoy working with people living with long term, debilitating diseases…. Homeopathy is great because you can use it while taking prescription drugs and still get great results. It is an amazing system that I have seen get dramatic results in so called ‘hopeless cases’. And it works on every level; mental, emotional and physical.

Homeopathy is great… it enables us to do things most other systems of internal medicine can’t. For example, it can easily and quickly treat the residual effects of old, untreated trauma. So to build that example out a bit, chronic head ache is frequently the result of old poorly treated head trauma; homeopaths can go in and work with that. I have had great success with arthritis, thyroid, chronic fatigue, chronic chest problems, depression, chronic pain, IBS, sciatica, etc. Homeopathy is great with kids, the frail and everyone in between. You know you are working with something special when you see tiny babies and animals get great results – without the need for anything invasive.