First, do no harm” was Hippocrates’ most famous words, and they are particularly important in the care and treatment of infants and children.

From our perspective form a healing point of view Homeopathy and kids go hand in hand because homeopathy is a gentle, non toxic and effective system of health care that children don’t object to taking.  Homeopathic remedies are made of natural substances – plants, minerals or animal products as such it is a natural remedy. It does not have the side effects associated with conventional medicine, as only trace amounts of the active medicine are used in a specially prepared form.

We can help your child with the following conditions (and more!):

Homeopathy and Kids

  • Allergies, hay fever and asthma.
  • Digestive troubles such as constipation, diarrhoea or anxiety-induced indigestion.
  • Eczema, dry skin and atopic dermatitis.
  • Anxiety, apprehension and other mood disorders.
  • Sleep disturbances, poor sleep and bad dreams.
  • Headaches, neck and back pain and postural complaints.
  • Recurring ear infections (glue ear) enlarged tonsils and adenoids.
  • Difficulties with concentration, attention and learning (ADD and ADHD).

Homeopathy works by treating from the inside out in addition to relieving any presenting symptoms. We treated our kids since there were babies and kids respond very nicely to homeopathy.  Soon they will be out doing what they love to do best…


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