Argasol SilverSol Gel Skin And Body Care


Argasol Silver Gel Skin and Body care uses a revolutionary wound healing and germ protection technology based on SilverSol. This SilverSol gel accelerates skin healing, kills germs, is odourless, quickly absorbed, non-greasy and contains no alcohol. Argasol Silver Gel Skin and Body care is moisturising and uses a food grade gelling agent making it non-toxic and safe for children.

Purified Water, TEA, Carbopol ETD 2020 and 24ppm Silver.

4oz or 120 ml

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Argasol SilverSol Gel Skin and Body care
• Creates an almost instantaneous softening and rejuvenation when applied to the skin
• Is non-cytotoxic (it will not hurt normal human cells)
• Provides moisture for wound healing and burn treatment
• Is suitable for use with other secondary dressing products
• Helps ease discomforts associated with burns, wounds, bites or itching problems
• Is odourless, alcohol-free and needs no refrigeration
• Is non-irritating to the skin, mouth or eyes

Used for
• Cuts
• Abrasions
• Minor Scalds and Burns
• Rashes
• Insect bites
• Ulcers
• Diaper Rash
• Itch and Irritation
• Athlete’s Foot
• Hand sanitation
• Acne – due to bacteria contamination
• Eczema

Suggested Use:
Wash and dry your hands. Ensure that affected skin is clean and dry. Apply the SilverSol Gel Skin and Body Care on the affected area up to 3 times a day. Cover the affected area with a dressing if the skin is torn (broken).

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